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Support Bill's release


 #GIVE - Support Bill’s release back into the Aegean Sea to celebrate World Wildlife Day 2017!

 For more information on the cost of releasing Bill, please visit www.myfamilymyzoo.org/give


1. Donation for Bill's release through PayPal

- Donate 10€ via PayPal,

- Donate 25€ via PayPal,

- Donate 50€ via PayPal,

- Donate other amount via PayPal

2. Participation in Bill's adoption program

3. Directly deposit your donation in MOm's bank accounts

- Piraeus Bank 
ΙBAN: GR6101720110005011036737247 SWIFT CODE: PIRBGRAA

- National Bank of Greece
ΙBAN: GR3101100400000004063594503 SWIFT CODE: ETHNGRAA

4. Purchase of MOm’s financial support material

5. Call us at +30 210 52 22 888 or email us at info@mom.gr to see how else you can help us

MOm is in great need of your help and financial contribution in order to complete his rehabilitation program and release Bill into the wild. The rehabilitation of a newborn Mediterranean monk seal constitutes an utmost emergency for MOm, and it culminates with the release of the young monk seal into the wild. Our personnel is continuously and on a 24-hour basis at Bill's side, providing him with their care, monitoring his health status, ready to intervene if necessary!

The requirements for the challenging treatment of an orphaned monk seal in human and financial resources, consumables, special veterinary medicines and appropriate feeding are extraordinary and tremendously demanding. To release him into the wild, a satellite tracker will be installed on his back to track his movements during the first few weeks following his release. After the said few weeks, the tracker falls of automatically when the seal changes fur. That enables us to intervene in case the animal runs into trouble and allows us to gather valuable data regarding the movements and habits of this rare species. It should be noted that all rehabilitation expenses are solely covered by MOm's own budget, which is based on donations, sponsorships, offers in kind and voluntary help.

We ask for your contribution in our struggle to secure the survival of young Bill. Based on your help we will be able to successfully complete his treatment and release him healthy back into the wild. Keep in mind that even the least amount of financial contribution will be of significant value in our strenuous efforts!