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Become a member of MOm and help us save the most endangered marine mammal in Europe and the most endangered seal on the planet!

By donating 25€ a year, you can become a member of ΜΟm. As an active member you will:

• Receive your membership card and code number.
• Receive the information material of MOm.
• Receive a 10% reduction when purchasing the souvenirs of MOm. 
• Have priority when participating at the volunteer programs of MOm.

How to become a member and pay for the membership:

• Fill in your contact details in the digital form attached below and select one of the payment options, or

• Print out the membership application form that you can find here, fill in your contact details and send it via FAX to the following number: +30 210 5222450 or mail it to the following address: MOm, Solomou Str 18, 10682 Athens Greece, or

• Get in touch with MOm by phone (+30 210 5222888) to give us your contact details, or

• If you wish to pay for your membership with a credit card, contact MOm by phone (+30 210 5222888) to provide us with the card details.

New Member Sign-Up Form

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