Unfortunately, yet again, it is proven that human wickedness and stupidity have no limits! We have been informed today that the young monk seal "Kostis" (who in recent months had become the mascot of Alonnisos) has been deliberately killed. The innocent and unaware seal was executed at close range with a spear gun that had a large spear for exactly that purpose! This news was received with great grief and outraged not only the people of MOm (who cared for several months for Kostis during his rehabilitation), but also all the sensitized residents and visitors of Alonnisos who had the luck to admire "Kostis" from close by. The perpetrator obviously won't have the slightest bit courage to come forward and admit his idiotic act.

In view of this immoral and criminal act we call upon:

The relevant authorities to take immediate action in order to bring the person(s) responsible for this barbarous act to justice.

Any citizen who has any information about the incident to contact the Port Police authorities immediately.

MOm will proceed with filing charges against anybody responsible.