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Since the establishment of MOm, donors have played an instrumental role in supporting MOm’s scientific, conservation, management and public awareness actions. Therefore MOm continues to pursue the establishment of such partnerships (many of those long-lasting) in order to promote the conservation of Europe’s most endangered species and increase a company’s active involvement in the protection of the environment and social responsibility. All of MOm's projects are ideal for the CSR division of any company, while at the same time our 70000+ followers and friends offer a lot of exposure for our corporate partners.

By financially supporting MOm’s programs and actions

Covering the operational costs of MOm is very important for the organization in order to continue its work and several companies have stood by MOm, offering free services or in-kind support.

Each partnership develops in close collaboration with the potential donor, taking into account a number of parameters such as the amount of the donation, the duration of the partnership, the expected results, etc.

Contact MOm to learn how you can become a corporate partner at +30 210 5222888, or email us at

By offering support or services in order to cover MOm’s operational costs

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