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In recognition of MOm’s significant work and credibility, numerous Foundations, Private and Institutional Bodies, in Greece and abroad, support the mission of MOm.


The Thalassa Foundation was established in 2013 with the sole purpose of preserving and promoting the biodiversity of the Mediterranean Sea and the sustainable development of its coastal and marine ecosystems. The Foundation supports the implementation of actions such as: scientific research, establishment of Marine Protected Areas, rescue and rehabilitation of endangered species, environmental education, volunteering. Since May 2014, the Foundation is funding MOm’s new initiative for the implementation of scientific study actions, environmental education and more, in the areas of the Argosaronic Gulf, where the recent years there is an increase in the number of Mediterranean monk seals observations.

The Stavros Niarchos Foundation is an international philanthropic organization; while prominent in its support of Greek-related initiatives, the Foundation’s activities are worldwide in scope. In this context, the Stavros Niarchos Foundation financially supported the European program “Thalassa: Learn, Act, Protect” that was implemented by MOm and its partners.

Since May 2014, the Stavros Niarchos Foundation supports a new initiative implemented by MOm, which concerns the scientific study and environmental education in coastal and insular areas of the Argosaronic Gulf, where monk seals are frequently observed in recent years. The SNF funds the implementation of actions in order to promote the scientific documentation of the presence of the Mediterranean monk seal in the area, the evaluation of data and the configuration of management proposals to the competent authorities, as well as the awareness and sensitization of the local residents regarding the ecological importance of the species’ presence.

The Bodossaki Foundation, established in 1972, is a privately-owned public benefit organization and an avid supporter of the mission of MOm. The Foundation has funded, among other, the establishment of the children’s library at MOm’s Information Centre at Alonissos, the creation of MOm’s educational tool “The Sea Kit” and the operation of the Rescue and Information Network (RINT).

The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation is dedicated to the protection of the environment and the promotion of sustainable development on a global scale. The Foundation financially supports the European program LIFE+ Nature “Integrated monk seal conservation of Northern Cyclades”. The program is implemented by WWF Greece in collaboration with MOm and other partners.

Τhe Mohamed Bin Zayed Conservation Fund was established in order to support the conservation of endangered species around the world. The Fund currently supports the operation of the Rescue and Information Network of MOm, the only network for the monitoring and rescue of the Mediterranean 

Private Bodies

IFAW, the International Fund for Animal Welfare, was founded in 1969 and since then implements conservation actions in more than 40 countries, with the aim of rescuing and protecting endangered wildlife and their habitats. IFAW is a major supporter of MOm’s actions and has stood by the organization since its early days. IFAW has provided, among other, the research vessel of MOm “IFAW-Odysseia” and has funded numerous research, conservation and monk seal rehabilitation projects of MOm.

The Seal Rehabilitation Centre Lenie 't Hart in Pieterburen, The Netherlands, was founded in 1971 in order to rehabilitate sick and injured seals. In 1990 the Seal Rehabilitation Centre donated to MOm, the Monk Seal Rehabilitation Unit that is located at the island of Alonissos, Northern Sporades and provided significant expertise in seal rehabilitation programs.

The National Geographic Society is one of the largest educational, non-profit institutions in the world. In 2011 the National Geographic Society funded, through a Waitt Conservation Grant, the first systematic monitoring of the unique monk seal population at the island of Gyaros.

EAAM is the European Association of Aquatic Mammals. Zoos and aquaria that are members of EAAM, collaborate in the protection of aquatic mammals. EAAM and its members currently promote the protection of Monachus monachus by informing and sensitizing the general public and support MOm’s rescue and rehabilitation programs.

Τhe Swiss Cetacean Society is a non-profit organization, aiming to preserve marine mammals in their natural environment. Through its website the Society informs the Swiss public about MOm and through symbolic adoption programs it collects funds for MOm’s rescue and rehabilitation programs.

Institutional Bodies

The Marine Mammal Commission is the national competent authority for the management of marine mammals in the US. Within the context of its international co-operations, the Commission supports since 2011, 3 research projects of MOm: a) the preliminary study of the genetic structure of the Mediterranean monk seal population in Greece, b) the recording of the reproductive behavior of the species in the area of Evia and c) the establishment of the National Genetic Register of the Mediterranean monk seal.

The Sea Mammal Research Unit (SMRU), implements scientific research on the biology of marine mammals, trains new scientists and consults governments, non-governmental organizations and industries for conservation and protection issues. SMRU has offered to MOm expertise in the study of the species and in 2004 provided the transmitter for the first satellite tracking of a rehabilitated Mediterranean monk seal in the Mediterranean Sea.

The virology department of Erasmus MC has a unique experience in assessing the impact of viral infections on wild animal populations. Since 1990, MOm collaborates with Erasmus MC in the rehabilitation of monk seals. The collaboration includes also the performance of necropsies, carried out to detect viral infections that might threaten the survival of the species.

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